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December 14, 2022

Dr Forrest Willams in a canoe

Forrest Williams, PhD.

Forrest Williams is a newly minted Ph.D., having successfully defended his thesis near the end of 2022 at New Zealand’s Massey University, where his focus was geology. The topic? Large landslides in New Zealand and how satellite data can track them so that scientists can understand the causes. Landslides are a serious problem in many …

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Heat Map of Interferometric coherence of SAR Data in Ascending Orbit

ASF Science Friday series continues August 26

Monthly Lecture ASF is playing an increasing role in support of NASA’s Earth Science mission. A monthly lecture series features ASF and ASF-related scientists discussing their use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in addressing the most pressing questions about our changing planet. The next lecture in the series is on August 26 with Dr. Ken Arnoult and Dr. Rudi Gens, …

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Opera workshop aerial image of meandering river

NASA schedules second OPERA workshop

NASA and JPL will host a second OPERA project workshop on September 2, 2022. Participation is available in-person or virtually. The goals of this second workshop are to provide additional information on the products generated from satellite radar and optical instruments: For more details on the workshop and to register, visit the JPL Opera Workshops website.

ARSET False Color Image of Agricultural Area

NASA Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET)

ARSET offers self-paced training modules and live webinars at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels. Most webinar materials are also available in Spanish, and a few are available in French. Recordings of webinars are available on YouTube and each training information page. Trainings cover a range of datasets, web portals, and analysis tools and their application to air quality, …

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Kalskag HH Green HV Blue

SAR-CBC: Synthetic Aperture Radar-Capacity Building Center

SAR-CBC is a capacity-building center for the use of SAR in decision-making situations. It is intended to provide targeted educational material as well as webinars and on-site training that build capacity in the use of SAR-based Earth observation data in decision-making situations. Visit the SAR-CBC website for more information.

Large Color phase image of Iraq

Welcome to ASF OpenSARlab

The Jupyter Notebook environment is easy to launch in any web browser for interactive data exploration. Notebooks are written in a combination of executable Python code and markdown formatting, including LaTeX-style mathematical equations. They provide an excellent basis for collaborative and repeatable data analysis. OpenSARlab is a service developed at ASF that uses Jupyter Notebooks …

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Dr. Rowena Lohman, July featured SAR scirntist

Rowena Lohman, PhD

Sometime back in the early 2000s, Rowena Lohman attended an Alaska Satellite Facility Working Group meeting as a substitute for someone who couldn’t make it that day. She’s been connected to the Alaska Satellite Facility ever since. “So I’ve been interacting with folks there for a long time,” she said. Now a professor of geophysics …

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Photograph of featured scientist Simon Zwieback

Simon Zwieback, PhD

Simon Zwieback’s office has little space in which to maneuver on this particular day in the West Ridge Research Building at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Boxes of equipment and supplies dot the floor in preparation for a research trip to the far north in Alaska. It will be the first of three visits the …

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