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Webinar: Jump-Start SAR Data Analysis in the Cloud with ASF’s OpenSARLab

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This webinar introduces OpenSARLab as a free, limited-access service for SAR processing using a cloud-hosted Jupyter Hub located alongside the ASF Sentinel-1 archive in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This makes the transfer of large amounts of SAR data to users’ persistent storage volumes fast and free.

OpenSARLab includes access to an open library of data recipes in the form of Jupyter Notebooks — allowing users to explore a variety of SAR data analysis techniques.

ASF also provides custom OpenSARLab deployments, allowing geographically dispersed teams access to identical environments from a web browser. 

Discover how OpenSARLab can benefit your research team or remote-sensing classroom!

Date & Time: Jan 25, 2023 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5)
Location: Online