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Sentinel-1 – Data Feeds

Click site name to see feed, or see instructions down below. Feeds ordered by date of event or request — newest on top. Includes 6 Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Geohazard Supersites. Mount Agung, Bali Hurricane Irma Mexico Earthquakes Hurricane Harvey Solomon Islands Indonesia Earthquake New Zealand Earthquake Japan Central Italy Ecuador …

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Sentinel-1 – Tutorials

Documents SAR Basics with the Sentinel-1 Toolbox Sentinel-1 Stripmap Interferometry Sentinel-1 TOPSAR Interferometry Radarsat-2 Interferometry SAR Polarimetry ALOS Orthorectification Videos Sentinel-1 Toolbox Introduction Graph Building and Applying Radiometric Terrain-Flattening Stripmap Interferometry Tutorials from the ESA Sentinel-1 Toolbox Note: Tutorial materials that are about sensors other than Sentinel contain material relevant to Sentinel.

Sentinel-1 – What is TOPSAR?

TOPSAR: Novel Radar Technique Sentinel-1 uses a cutting-edge SAR technique known as Terrain Observation with Progressive Scans SAR (TOPSAR). As this video illustrates, like standard ScanSAR, TOPSAR sends and returns radar data to and from sub-swaths that together comprise one wide swath. The difference is that TOPSAR’s radar also scans back and forth along …

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Sentinel-1 – How to Cite

Citing Sentinel Data Cite datasets in publications such as journal papers, articles, presentations, posters, and websites. For more information, see Terms and Conditions. Please send copies of, or links to, published works citing data, imagery, or tools accessed through ASF to [email protected] with “New Publication” on subject line. Type Format Example Data, primary Copernicus Sentinel data [year of …

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