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SMAP – Tools

Documents Name Description ATBD Documents Algorithm theoretical basis documents are listed with the products available for download. Product Specification Documents Product specification documents are listed with the products available for download. ASF SMAP User Guide For Level 1 products, a streamlined guide to accessing data, using SMAP products, understanding acronyms and abbreviations, and more. Radar …

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SMAP – Data and Imagery

SMAP Data Products Instrument events timetable The SMAP baseline science-data products will be publicly available through two NASA-designated data centers, the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) DAAC. ASF will distribute the Level 1 radar products and NSIDC will distribute the radiometer and Level 2-4 products. All products will …

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SMAP – Instrument

Soil Moisture Passive Active (SMAP) is a remote-sensing observatory with two instruments — a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and a radiometer — that map soil moisture and determine the freeze or thaw state of the area being mapped.

SMAP – Handbook

“A rare characteristic of the SMAP Project is its emphasis on serving both basic Earth System science as well as applications in operational and practice-oriented communities.” Download Handbook Contents of Full Handbook1. Introduction and Background2. Mission Overview3. Instrument Design and L1 Data Products4. Soil Moisture Data Products5. Value-Added L4_SM Soil Moisture Product6. Carbon Cycle Data …

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SMAP – Publications and Credits

Publications Please submit additional relevant publications to [email protected], with “SMAP Publications” on the subject line. 2014 Assessment of Soil Moisture Data Requirements by the Potential SMAP Data User Community: Review of SMAP Mission User Community – M.E. Brown, V.M. Escobar; Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, IEEE Journal of, Vol. 7 No. 1, Jan. …

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