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Alaska Satellite Facility - Distributed Active Archive Center



Common questions and answers about Synthetic Aperture Radar See also Sentinel-1 FAQ What is radar “aperture?” Unlike the aperture in a camera, which opens to let in light, radar aperture is another term for the antenna on the spacecraft or aircraft. The radar antenna first transmits electromagnetic energy toward Earth and then receives the returning …

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Image Interpretation

How to View Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imagery Most SAR products are delivered in either CEOS or GeoTIFF file formats. These file formats will not display in both Windows and Mac default image viewers. However, you can view GeoTIFFs in a GIS program. In addition, both GeoTIFF and CEOS images can be viewed using free downloadable software from ASF …

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End User License Agreement (EULA) Alaska Satellite Facility Data Access ASF Terms of Service ASF DAAC data products are available to data users registered with the NASA User Registration System (URS). Agreements between ASF and some data partners require limited restrictions on specific data collections and are defined here. Terms of Service Contents International Polar …

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Custom Processing

ALOS-1 PALSAR    The L1.1 (SLC) custom processing service has been discontinued. ASF is in the process of becoming a mirror of the JAXA archive for PALSAR L1.1 products, so will soon provide worldwide coverage. If you are currently not able to find L1.1 products using Vertex or the ASF API, keep checking as new …

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