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Glacier Power – Teacher Guide Glossary

Glacier Power Glossary Ablation, Ablation zone Processes (especially melting) by which a glacier loses ice and snow: melting, evaporation, calving, and erosion. The area of a glacier where ablation occurs. Accumulation, Accumulation zone Process (especially snowfall and compression) by which a glacier gains snow and ice. The area of a glacier where accumulation occurs. Arete …

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Glacier Power – Teacher Answer Key Exercises Answers

Exercises – Teacher’s Guide Where Have Glaciers Been? Answers: Connect the Related Words U-Shaped Valley glacier silt fjords V-Shaped Valley river Grand Canyon Glacier Anatomy Answers: Matching accumulation zone – B ablation zone – D tributary – A moraine – C terminus – E Strange Glacial Phenomena Answers: Crossword Puzzle Down Across 1. Jokulhlaups 1. …

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Glacier Power – Credits

Credits With special thanks to… Dr. Frank Carsey, 1995-1997 Chief Scientist of the Alaska SAR Facility, for direction and encouragement, and Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, officials and teachers for cooperation, direction, and participation in both formal and informal assessment and review, and UAF School of Education, for beginning and completing Glacier Power with us. …

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What is SAR?

SAR: The Power Tool of Remote Sensing Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), used to create the majority of the imagery available in the ASF archive, is one of the power tools of remote sensing. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) bounces a microwave radar signal off the Earth’s surface to detect physical properties. Through Snow and Rain and …

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