Alaska Satellite Facility - Distributed Active Archive Center

Glacier Speed – Download Data

Download a .kmz file that can be opened in Google Earth to show the statewide glacier-flow-speed map. Flow-speed is shown by color, as indicated in the scale at the bottom of the Google Earth screen. If clicking on the .kmz file gives you a message about a previous version of Google Earth, drag the file onto your Google Earth icon.

Download data


  • Readme file
  • Three files (_speed.tif, _ids.tif, and .par) for each of the following regions:
  1. Central Alaska Range
  2. Chugach Mountains
  3. Coastal Range
  4. Delta Range
  5. Fairweather Range — Glacier Bay
  6. Hayes Range
  7. Kenai Mountains
  8. Tordrillo Mountains
  9. Wrangell Mountains — St. Elias Mountains 

The flow-speed data are gridded on 90-meter-resolution UTM grids as GeoTIFFs. The grids are divided into different regions and include a _speed file that contains the mosaicked flow speed in meters/day (32-bit float) and a _ids file that contains integer IDs that correspond to the image pair used for determining flow speed at each pixel (16-bit integer).

The dates of the image pairs used can be found by looking up image IDs in the corresponding .par file. In some cases, the .par file will contain IDs that are not in the _ids grid. In these cases, these image pairs were simply not needed in the final mosaic. The .par file also includes georeference information in a text format.