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International Polar Year – GIIPSY – Space Task Group Meetings


Briefing to WMO, GEO and IPY JCOMM SCOBS, Oct. 12 (Drinkwater)
Briefing to IGOS Cryosphere Team, Oct. 16, ESTEC
Briefing at NSIDC, Oct. 25, Boulder
Presentation at IGS Nordic Branch, Tromso, Oct. 2006 (Lytle)
GIIPSY participation in CSA Radarsat-1 Archive Processing Meeting, Nov. 8, Ottawa
GIIPSY Team meeting, Dec 12 
Briefing to WCRP CLiC, Boulder, Colorado, Dec. 6 (Drinkwater)

Tuesday December 12, 2006, 6:00PM-8:30PM
AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco
Marriott Convention Center, Room Sierra K

PERSPECTIVES (~45-60min)

10 min GIIPSY Overview and Meeting Objectives (K. Jezek)
~5 min discussion on how GIIPSY fits into IPY (D. Carlson)
~5 min IGOS and GIIPSY (V. Ryabinin)
~5 min ESA presentation on ESA IPY AO proposals (Einar-Arne Herland, ESA)
~5 min CSA perspective on GIIPSY and Radarsat-1 Archive (P. Briand)
~5 min Japanese perspective on GIIPSY (J. Ukita)
~5 min NASA perspective on GIIPSY (S. Martin)
~5 min Ground Station perspective on processing large volumes of data (N. La Belle-Hamer)
~5 min DLR perspective on GIIPSY (K. Jezek for I. Hajnsek)

TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION (K. Farness) (1-1.5 hour)

1) Community input to flight agencies on archival data processing and new data acquisitions

2) Identify key IPY legacy data set(s)
  When? (for example: during windows of seasonal melt or alternatively during cycles of ICESAT data acquisitions?)

3) Related issues and potential additional resources
  Sensors and Spacecraft
  Acquisition Planning
  Receiving Ground Stations
  Processing Facilities
  Calibration and Validation

4) Data management issues
  Processing and product distribution
  Product format
  Metadata tagging for data explicitly collected for IPY including:
    Insitu data
    GIIPSY pull from the CSA archive



Space Task Group meeting in Geneva, January 17-19, 2007
IPY Launch Event, Paris, March 1, 2007
Space Task Group telecom, June 15, 2007 – (ESA Data Portfolio)
Space Task Group Telecon, August 8, 2007 – (ASAP (RADARSAT-1) Portfolio)
IICWG, October 2007, ESRIN, Frascatti
Space Task Group Meeting, November 26-27, 2007, Darmstadt (Agenda, Presentation, and Background Material)

Geneva, WMO Headquarters

Day 1

Day 2
  • Leaving an IPY legacy
  • “The Polar Snapshot” K. JezekExample Acquisitions
  • Geo Contribution (M. Rast and E. Sarukhanian)
  • Mechanisms for collecting IPY data requirements
  • SCOBS survey of IPY sat. data needs (E. Sarukhanian)
  • Other Agency IPY AOs (All)
  • Establishing the priorities for near-term/medium-term/long-term actions
  • Acquisition planning/Tasking satellites (All)
  • Data Management/Metadata standards (All)
  • Archiving and Data Distribution (All)
  • Data Policy (All)
  • Discussion on Agency Commitments
  • Baseline plans for data acquisitions
  • Archiving and distribution

Day 3 (half-day)
  • Missing Agencies
  • Consolidation of Action Items
  • Time and place of next Meeting
  • Meeting Closure

Summary Documents

Report to CM-7
Slides presented by T. Mohr to CM-7
STG1 Summary


STG SAR Workshop, March 2008, St. Hubert (Agenda, Presentations, and Background Material)
Space Task Group Meeting, May 5-6, 2008, ESRIN Frascati, Italy (Details and Summary Reports)
STG IPY Session, SCAR, July 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia
STG SAR Workshop 2, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2008, DLR Oberpfaffenhovfen, Germany (Details)

Canadian Space Agency, St. Hubert, Canada

As part of ongoing IPY Space Task Group activities, the Canadian Space Agency hosted an IPY SAR/InSAR workshop in response to an action item from STG-1.

The goal of the meeting was to develop an acquisition strategy for SAR and InSAR data that achieves the maximum number of IPY science objectives in such a way as to distribute the acquisition load across the different agencies – understanding that no single agency can accommodate all of the tasks. This will require a level of coordination between the space agencies that has not yet been attempted. The workshop focused on data acquisition requirements, as outlined by the scientific community, based on Agency strategic plans for IPY and unique capabilities of their systems. Data processing and distribution issues were briefly addressed but the primary objective was to populate the archive given the unique opportunity of IPY.

The workshop main tasks were:

1) To review existing GIIPSY science requirements as outlined in the Global Inter-agency IPY Polar Snapshot Year (GIISPY) Strategy Document.

2) To present the Agencies strategic priorities in line with IPY science activities.

3) To present and review SAR data which are being collected, and are planned for collection during the IPY.

4) To present the satellite and ground segment operators system capabilities and constraints related to the acquisition of data in support to IPY.

5) To attempt to forge a coordinated / multi-agency SAR acquisition plan for the remainder of IPY acquisitions.

In order to meet these ambitious objectives, invited attendees, which include members of the science and operational communities, space agencies operating SAR satellite; space agencies with data transmission, ground segment and processing capabilities, and ground segment operators, were requested to actively contribute to the achievement of the workshop objectives.

Logistical Information

Map to CSA


Meeting Introduction (YC)
STG Background (YC)
GIIPSY Background (KJ)
ESA Portfolio (HL)
ESA and IPY (YD)
ESA Constraints (HL)
DLR Strategic Objectives (ED)
DLR IPY Data Constraints (ED)
TerraSAR Capabilities (DF)
TerraSAR Data Access (DF)
CSA Strategic Objectives (YC)
R1 Constraints (RSJ)
R2 Allocation (DdL)
Ice Services (DL)
CNES Complementary Optical Studies (ET)
Summary and Action Items (YC and KJ)
Meeting Minutes
Participants List

Data Acquisition Plans

Strawman Acquisition Strategy Spreadsheet
Antarctic Acquisition Template
Sea Ice Acquisition Template
Arctic Land Ice Acquisition template

DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

As a follow up to the STG action to enhance the coordination among the SAR Space Agencies in response to the IPY scientific objectives, a SAR/InSAR coordination workshop was held on 5/6 March 2008 at the Canadian Space Agency. As a result of this meeting, the SAR operating Agencies agreed on the strategic guidelines for imaging activities and for thematic priorities as outlined by the science community. Despite the significant way forward and considerable efforts we are putting to fulfill our commitments, there is still a need to develop a SAR Acquisition Consolidated Plan and discuss the way forward for a SAR processing strategy and data dissemination plan.

As part of the SAR coordination process, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is organising a second meeting to address the harmonisation and coordination of the acquisition plans. The objectives of this meeting are:

* Consolidate the current SAR planning and imaging activities occurring under the auspices of IPY/STG in order to avoid gaps and overlaps and optimize resources (i.e. thematic / instrument matrix, common planning tool, etc.)
* Distribute imaging load according to Agencies’ capacities and priorities, and develop acquisition plans
* Look at a short/med/long term planning approach to continue the acquisitions (if at all possible)

The meeting will be held at the DLR facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany).
We now established the date of the workshop on 30 Sept./1 Oct.2008.

Logistical Information

Directions to DLR
Hotels close to DLR
Hotels in Munich
DRAFT Agenda

GIIPSY Draft Acquisition Plan Recommendation for TSX.

These plans were prepared to provide DLR with an estimate of SAR loading for Antarctic regions south of about –80°. Comments welcome. These are in addition to any individual proposals and to several super-site areas that the STG is considering in Greenland and Antarctica.

Filchner Ascending
Filchner Descending
TAM Ascending
TAM Descending

JAXA IPY Web Site (Comments welcomed by Dr. Masanobu Shimada)

Japanese: JAXA website | JAXA IPY Dataset page

English: JAXA website | JAXA IPY Dataset page

PALSAR Animations. Antarctic: /A/B/C

ESA/ESRIN Acquisitions and Plans

Information on upcoming ERS-2 acquisition from O’Higgins Station
Acquisition map for O’Higgins Station
Animation of ESA SAR data over Lincoln Sea. Courtesy Ron Kwok

Participants List


1) Buckreuss and Roth, DLR
2) Crevier, CSA
3) Jezek, OSU
4) Del Rio Vera, Drinkwater and Laur, ESA
5) Saint-Jean, CSA
6) Rigby, MDA
7) Hajnsek, DLR
8) Floricioiu, DLR
9) Braun, U Bonn
10) Helm and Miller, AWI
11) Hall, KSAT

TSX Subgroup meeting (Thursday, Oct 2)
SAR Subgroup meeting Summary
Meeting Minutes
Followup Telecon Minutes


STG Meeting, February 2009, Geneva (Agenda, Presentations, and Background Material)
3rd SAR Workshop, June 2009, Frascatti (Agenda, Presentations, and Background Material)
STG Meeting, December 2009, Geneva (Agenda, Presentations, and Background Material)


Oslo IPY Meeting and STG Meeting (June) (Agenda, Presentations, and Background Material)


Polar Gateways Meeting, Barrow, Alaska, January 2008
SCAR/IASC IPY Open Science Conference, July 2008 St. Petersburg, Russia
IPY STG SAR Workshop, March 5, 6 Canadian Space Agency, Montreal, Canada
2nd SAR Workshop Sept 30-Oct. 1 DLR Wessling Germany
2008 AGU Fall Meeting (Presentations and informal get together)
2008 AGU FALL MEETING TASK FORCE FOR REMOTE SENSING OF PERMAFROST. G. Grosse and C. Duguay. Monday, 15 December 2008, 5:00-6:30 pm in the San Francisco Marriott Pacific Room A (Agenda)
STG-4, Feb. 3-4, 2009, WMO, Geneva