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Python search library now available

Icon of asf_search, a new python module available through PyPI and Conda

We are pleased to announce asf_search, a new python module available through PyPI and Conda. Greatly simplifying search and download processes, this module allows users to find and download SAR data in just a few lines of Python. This module is targeted at Python users writing new tools, as well as users previously working with ASF’s Search API. Numerous search types are supported, including all those previously offered by ASF’s Search API, as well as search workflows previously only available through Vertex, such as Baseline/InSAR searches. Downloading data has also never been easier, as asf_search provides simple, built-in support for multiple authentication methods and parallel downloads. ASF is actively developing asf_search, continuously improving the functionality and adding new features. Let us know how we can improve asf_search to meet your needs!




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