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Alaska Satellite Facility

ASF Services

At ASF our team strives to make remote sensing data accessible.  As the ASF synthetic aperture radar (SAR) archive is vast and consists of data acquired by many sensors over decades, finding the appropriate data to use can seem overwhelming. Add to this is the potential cost, complexity, and time needed for processing the data and it’s easy to get discouraged. To overcome these barriers, ASF has worked hard to make data discovery and processing easily accessible to a broad range of users – from point-and-click to the command line, there’s a tool for you!

Explore the variety of our SAR data expertise below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Illustration of a schematic of Cloud Computing

ASF is a leader in processing SAR data in a Cloud Computing environment.

Create searches easily and download data fast through ASF’s Vertex or search API

Explore SAR analysis, application, and teaching tools 

Cloud-based interactive data exploration via the Jupyter Notebook environment


  • A powerful, yet easy-to-use graphical interface for creating searches and downloading remote-sensing data from the ASF archive

ASF Search API

Python Search Module (asf_search)

Vertex data search interface


At ASF, one of our goals is to provide assistance with SAR analysis, application, and teaching by developing cloud-based processing services and tools for single or multiple users.  Explore the services we offer below and get started using Sentinel-1 SAR data from ASF today!

HyP3 logo
Sentinel-1 InSAR Storymap Earthquake Qinghai, China


A free, easy-to-use service that provides cloud-based radiometric terrain correction (RTC) and interferometric SAR (InSAR) processing of Sentinel-1 data

  • On Demand processing utilizes the powerful search capability of Vertex to directly order data for RTC and InSAR processing without leaving the Vertex application
  • The REST API and SDK make RTC and InSAR processing available programmatically
  • HyP3 can go where you need it
      • Local, custom HyP3 deployments provide science teams with the power and scalability of cloud computing and control over algorithm development and product access
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OSL notebook screenshot


ASF’s OpenSARLab opens the world of SAR processing in the cloud via the Jupyter Notebook environment. It is easy to launch in any web browser for interactive data exploration.

OpenSARLab provides:

  • Free limited access to cloud-hosted Jupyter Hub
  • Free fast data transfer to users storage from ASF AWS archives
  • Provides identical, fully configured, persistent computing software and hardware environments that can be shared by multiple users
  • Open library of data recipes
  • Utilizes JupyterHub in Amazon AWS and a JupyterLab development environment, with authenticated accounts and persistent storage
  • Ideal for scientific collaboration requiring
      • Large datasets
      • Complicated development environments
      • Repeatability
  • Custom OSL deployments for research teams and classes. Deployments tailored to your use-case offer the exact computational resources required, and prevent unnecessary AWS costs
  • For custom OSL inquiries, contact User Services at [email protected]
  • Ideal for in the classroom, where student computing resources may be limited
  • Learn more about accessing and using OpenSARLab in the User Guide
Classroom using OpenSARLab

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