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ALOS AVNIR-2 Ortho Rectified Image Product

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    What is orthorectification?

    Orthorectification is the process of removing image distortions caused by the sensor and terrain to create a planimetric image at every location with consistent scale across all parts of the image. This allows the overlay of various geospatial information with the ORI (Ortho Rectified Image) on any map.

    How are AVNIR-2 ORI products created?

    The AVNIR-2 ORI product is created from AVNIR-2 1B1 data after stereo matching with reference to the Panchromatic Remote-Sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping (PRISM) ORI.   AW3D30 DSM data, which is created from a PRISM triplet image, is used for the orthorectification processing. If AW3D30 is missing,  SRTM (The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) DSM data is used.

    * Please refer to the HDR file in the data file to confirm which DSM is used in ORI product creation.

    File Contents

    The AVNIR-2 ORI product zip file contains the following files:

    Band-1 0.42 – 0.50 µm (8bit GeoTIFF)

    Band-2 0.52 – 0.60 µm (8bit GeoTIFF)

    Band-3 0.61 – 0.69 µm (8bit GeoTIFF)

    Band-4 0.76 – 0.89 µm (8bit GeoTIFF)

    Header file (ASCII text)

    Product Format Description

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