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Derived Data Sets

InSAR – Coverage Maps of Sample Legacy InSAR Products

ASF has processed approximately 700 sample InSAR products and made them available for download via the SSARA API. The sample products cover portions of the following Geohazard Supersites: Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Marmara. The standardized products are each processed using ROI PAC and distributed in HDF5. User feedback is encouraged.

InSAR – Collaboration

InSAR Access — API Among ASF’s many collaborations, University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO)/Western North American InSAR (WInSAR), the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF), and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) worked on an information technology and data-management development project to design and implement a seamless distributed access system for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data and derived interferometric data …

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InSAR – Find Data

Seamless Synthetic Aperture Radar Archive API Search and Download Data from Multiple Archives The Seamless Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Archive (SSARA) Application Programming Interface (API) enables users to search and download: Master and paired (slave) granules from the SAR archives at ASF and University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO)/Western North America InSAR (WInSAR); Corresponding Digital Elevation Models …

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Differential interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) is used to measure displacements on Earth’s surface to a precision of a few centimeters or less. InSAR data are largely used to study deformation caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, glacier movements, landslides, and subsidence.

Sentinel-1 Interferograms – Command Line Tools

There are many ways to access Sentinel-1 interferograms for users comfortable working at the command line. Below are steps and options to explore. Find Interferograms via the CMR Search API Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products are integrated with the ESDIS Common Metadata Repository (CMR), and are searchable via the CMR Search API. Visit the CMR Search API documentation …

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Sentinel-1 Interferograms – Get Interferograms

Register for an Earthdata Login Account A NASA EOSDIS Earthdata Login account is required for downloading data from the Alaska Satellite Facility. Visit the Register for an Earthdata Login Profile page to create an account. Get Interferograms via Vertex Find Interferograms via Vertex Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products can be browsed in Vertex from the “Missions” tab …

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Sentinel-1 Interferograms

Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products are prototype Level 2 interferometric products produced as part of the Getting Ready for NISAR (GRFN) project using the ARIA Science Data System under development for the NISAR mission. The creation, discovery, and distribution of these products is to inform the NISAR mission team of possible cloud-based processing and data-management solutions.

Terrestrial Ecology – How To Cite

Citing Terrestrial Ecology Dataset Cite datasets in publications such as journal papers, articles, presentations, posters, and websites. Please send copies of, or links to, published works citing data, imagery, or tools accessed through ASF to [email protected] with “New Publication” on subject line. Also see ALOS PALSAR Terms and Conditions and How to Cite ALOS-1 PALSAR data. Format Example Dataset: SAR Subsets …

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